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Congress Theme

The RIAD congress 2018 invited high-level representatives from different countries within the LPI sector to pinpoint and scrutinise what kind of issues policyholders need to solve, how legal protection insurers manage claims, in which ways and by what means legal protection insurers integrate external providers in the customer journey and value chain. 


RIAD Congress 2018 Highlights Video


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The congress discussed and analysed topics such as: the benefits / draw-backs of traditional models, the logic of legislation, the reasons for economic restrictions, the impact of shifting customers’ expectations and the advantages of new models for the management of claims. 


The congress united the most important business partners (for instance legal professionals or LegalTechs), consumer representatives, legislators, and regulators to Bratislava who voiced their positions as well as concerns and discussed all relevant issues. Interactive sessions allowed delegates to develop and exchange their own ideas during workshops and panel discussions. 


RIAD, the International Association of Legal Protection Insurance, is the only body worldwide representing the unique interests of legal protection insurers and service providers in this field from Europe, Canada, South Africa and Japan. In this capacity, RIAD defends the high potential of legal protection insurance as an easy, affordable and high quality solution for access to justice and the law. 


Who should attend?


  • 100 – 140 participants - CEOs and representatives of legal protection insurers at executive and management levels, stakeholders (e.g. lawyers, consumer representative, insurance associations, etc.), legal and legal-protection specialists, academics and all interested parties (e.g. national ministries, representatives of regulators and national parliaments etc.). 


Why attend?


  • Expand your knowledge & find solutions – You will hear a lot about new trends and new developments. You will learn how to implement new techniques and how make this work successfully for your businesses and customers. 


  • Networking opportunities – This congress will bring together people from all different geographical areas who share a common interest in legal protection insurance.


2017 Highlights Video


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Thu 4 October, 2018 14.00 to
Fri 5 October, 2018 17.00




Grand Hotel River Park

Dvorákovo nábrežie 6
811 02 Bratislava, Slovakia

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